One of The Names That Come To Mind When Talking About Muhaqqaq Calligraphy Style: Abdullah Ergun

There is no information about the life of Abdullah Ergun, who is from Baghdad. Since his father is Arab and his mother is a Turk, he was nicknamed Ergun, which means "hybrid" in old Turkish, and he became one of the leading names of his time, especially in the pen of mind, which he drew from Yâkut-ı Musta‘simi. Abdullah Ergun, who was declared to have written the inscriptions of 29 mushaf-i sharifs in Hat ü Hattâtân and two madrasahs in Baghdad, according to the author of Tuhfe-i Hattâtîn H. ​​742 / M. 1341, according to the author of Hat ü Hattatan, H. 744 / M. He died in 1343. Although it is known that he was buried in Baghdad, the location of his grave is unknown. One of the seven great masters of Islamic calligraphy (esatize-i seb'a), consisting of his Yakut-ı Musta and his six most valuable students, is Abdullah Ergun.




ABDULLAH ERGUN - TDV İslâm Ansiklopedisi